Problem compiling program using tuple under .NET Framework 4.8


CascadeActions = public flags(CascadingNone = 0, CascadingDeletes, CascadingUpdates);
FKDirections = public flags(Unknown = 0, Parent2Child, Child2Parent);
FKSource = public flags(Database, DataAnnotations, UserSpecified);
FKTuple = tuple of (Parent: SQLExtProperty, Child: SQLExtProperty, Attr: ForeignKeyAttribute, Source: FKSource, Action: CascadeActions, Direction: FKDirections);

var CheckFK: FKTuple;
var ForeignKey: FKTuple;

ForeignKey := (CheckFK.Parent, CheckFK.Child, CheckFK.Attr, CheckFK.Source or FKSource.DataAnnotations, CheckFK.Action, CheckFK.Direction);

I get the following error on the assignment of ForeignKey: (E64) Type mismatch, cannot find operator to evaluate “T4” or “FKSource”.

When I compile under .NET Framework 4.62 this compiles.
(I have also tried 4.7, 4.71, and 4.72 with no success)

Any ideas???

What version of the compiler are you using?

I am using I Have had this issue for many versions now as another program that uses the same logic, had to be reduced to 4.62 to allow it to compile. This started when I tried to go up to 4.8.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84327

bugs://84327 got closed with status fixed.