Problem Relativity with Mono


I am using the latest DA and Relativity Server (1273).
After moved the domain and schema from a server win2008 for Centos 7.0 and Mono 4.6.2.
and imported, when I try to connect in Firebird 3 this error occurs.
(in win2008 work perfect)

PS: ADO.NET provider for Firebird




I need some more information.
Could you try to connect to your Mono server using the client app? Most probably an exception will be raised and there will be the ServerStackTrace property. could you provide this server stacktrace?

Thanks in advance

PS I’ve loggen an issue to make the Schema Modeler provide this info too, but for now I need to ask you for this info.


This server is test, Can I send you the connection information in private??

Both connecting to the client application and the Relativity Admin Tool,
Error occurs (using

I also test with mono 4.6.15, same problem.

This is a Firebird ADO.NET driver bug introduced in the leates releases.

The USERNAME environment variable is not set in linux bu default. Setting it hides the issue and can be considered as a workaround.