Problem with memo fields

(Bernaert Dominique) #1


I’m facing another little issue.
I’m using a firebird 3 database.
I have a custom RemObjects server using IBDAC to connect.
The connection string is the following: IBDAC?Charset=UTF8;UseUnicode=True;Server=localhost;Database=C:\Databases\TENTMOMENT.FDB;UserID=SYSDBA;Password=…;

The memo fields are defined in the database as blob subtype text.
When connecting directly with IBDAC to the table and updating a memo field, everything works just fine.
When trying the same with RemObjects, the input works fine but after posting it to the database and reopening it for edit I get all weird characters.
The fields are defined in the schema as widememo.


(Bernaert Dominique) #2

Found it, parameter Enablememos schould be added to the connection string.