Problem with tutorial Your First iOS App with Fire

(George McLaughlin) #1

I wonder if you could advise what I’m doing wrong while trying out the above tutorial.

Project runs and displays launch screen correctly, but main screen is blank with no objects on it. Main.storyboard appears to sync correctly with Fire with connections visible within the storyboard file.

I’m using latest Fire beta, Xcode 8.3 and internal Mono. I do not have any Cocoa SDKs installed, presumably they are optional.

Screen grab and project zip included.

Thank you for any advice

George (4.9 MB)

(marc hoffman) #2


your view was showing fine, its just that your controls had no constraints set, so they were all off screen. i merely added some vertical constraints and all is good now, attaching the new storyboard. I’ll review the tutorial to see if it needs changes, could be that part was written pre-auto-layout. (2.8 KB)

(George McLaughlin) #3

Why didn’t I think of that?

Sincere apology for disturbing


(marc hoffman) #4

no worries, that’s what we’re here for ;). and if the tutorial is incomplete or misleading, it’ll need to be adjusted, so thanx for letting us know!