Problem with uploading compiled apk with external framework to appstore

Is anyone who had this problem and solved it ?
Asset validation failed (90334)
Invalid Code Signature Identifier. The identifier “” in your code signature for “MQTTClient” must match its Bundle Identifier “org.owntracks.MQTTClient” (ID: 1809c512-d40d-4044-b3b8-6950d65f3170)
Scenario working :
Simple app with signing everything is ok .

Not working scenario :
1.MQTTClient lib compiled in XCode (product Framework)
2.Imported to Fire as a Framework
3.Compiled with success but during verification Asset validation failed (90334)

In Xcode 14.3 I hadn’t any problem now after upgrading I have.
Is someone who use external libraries (framework) in Fire with success during uploading it to appstore ?

pls, help me if you have any direction …

I created simple app in XCode adding the same framework to app , built, exported apk with embeded framework and app is accepted on appstore.
It must be some difference in signing framework in Xcode and Ebuild process: (
@mh what do you think and how can we solve this problem ?
can i give you some info , log or something more ?

best regards

Pretty self-explanatory: your IDs don’t match. like, at all.

As an aside note: APK files are (were) for Android only.

No, signature for application is ok.But after adding framework and build application something is going wrong…I wrote it.Simple application is OK with framework is not in Xcode the same simple application is signed OK with framework.
Must be difference …Marc I don’t want to write if I don’t have to …believe me…

Can you help me with this or not ?

You CLEARLY have two different Bundle Identifiers, “” vs “org.owntracks.MQTTClient”. That is the problem.

No , because app has own bundle id and framework third party company too…as I wrote it is framework embeded in my app bundle.All was fine so far I didn’t change anything only xcode version and newer version of fire.
Base Code is the same …
One is me simple app, framework has its own org.owntracks.MQTTCilent. I can’t rename it, and as I wrote problem is during older version xcode and fire for 3-4 years all has been fine and I didn’t change anything.

Then I don’t know, sorry.