Problem With UTF8 Strings


(Armindo DA SILVA) #1

in my previous Services I have for strings ROUTF8String that worked fine.
Now in a new service I have onmy last units generated from a rodl UTF8String_Optional.
Is there an option in the Rodl file to still getting the ROUTF8String to avoid creating a new object each time I want to set a string value ?

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(EvgenyK) #2


Do you mean service that is generated from WSDL?
if yes, have you tried to change Create wrapper structures for nillable types option in WSDL import wizard?

(Armindo DA SILVA) #3

Thanks Evgeny.

(Armindo DA SILVA) #4

Evgeny I have send an email to the support (reference number 18521) because I have a compiler error when using the interface file generated by the service Builder