Problems with my first Code First .NET service

Using latest VS 2019 Communite, latest ROSDK and latest Elements beta…

I wrote a new .NET service and decided to finally try code-first. I configured it, wrote it, it compiles fine and installs properly as a Windows service. I can access it in my client and get the RODL and Intf files fine so my client can properly compile.

Problems is when i run my client and try any Service method, i get the following:

An exception occurred on the server: Session could not be found.

What is causing this? I didn’t modify the NetworkServer.SessionManager at all, just used the default. Do i need to do anything with this???

This message means that you have to log in first before attempting to execute any methods of this service.

Apparently your service class has the ServiceRequiresLogin attribute applied to it. This attribute means that one HAS to successfully perform login before being able to execute any methods of this service,