Program hangs on

When creating a form within Pascal Script, my program hangs as soon as I call MyForm.Show;
The Screen locks up for about 20 secs. then continues, repeatedly ?
The program continues to process socket messages and continues to work, but my program Main Screen locks ?
I have loaded all the plugins, with the forms plugin last.
Is there anything else I need to do in order to create and use a form within pascal script?
Assign any events? Below is a snippet of my script.

procedure Createform(MyForm : TForm);;
MyForm := TForm.Create(nil);
MyForm.FormStyle := fsStayOnTop;
MyForm.Width := 200;
MyForm.Height := 200;
MyForm.Position := poScreenCenter;
MyForm.Show; // as soon as I call this, my program hangs for about 20 secs.

Ken Davis

Try breaking in the debugger and see what happens? There’s nothing in PS that would cause that.