Property Wrappers in the debugger

When I inspect a class with a property wrapper they appear in the debugger. Is that correct ? Shouldnt it just be MyValue:Int32 ? (169.9 KB)


Property Wrappers are just compiler syntax sugar; there end result in the binary will be as if you used them manually. I think thats a good thing that the debugger does to hide that, because what if yo want to actually debug thew wrapper?

Good point. In that example should I be able to inspect the wrapper and see internalvalue ?

i’d expect so? as far as the debugger knows, the wrapper is just a field of the class.

ok, I cant expand it

That sounds like a debugger bug, probably unrelated to to the property wrapper feature itself. a full testcase would be appreciated. :pray:t3:

I attached my sample at the top, is that sufficient ?

probably. I’ll log for the debugger team, and we’ll se…

Thanks, logged as bugs://85926

Unrelated, are you on arm Mac for this? Iff so, which version of Core?

Because im seeing a few (unrelated) issues with debugging .NET Core on ARM, right now…

intel and v5.0.5

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