Publishing ios app to app store connect (ERROR ITMS-90668)

I got framework MQTTClient , I can run my app on simulator and iphone 6s device without any problems.
When I want to upload to app store connect I have this error (using Transporter application) :
ERROR ITMS-90668: “Invalid Bundle Executable. The executable file ‘’ contains incomplete bitcode. To compile binaries with complete bitcode, open Xcode and choose Archive in the Product menu.”

Can someone help me with this error ??

I made for MQTTClient framework archive and get from this place framework and import it to my project. Now I uploaded my app in app store connect without errors using Transporter …
Best regards

what’s MQTTClient.framework? that’s not ours. Was it built with bitcode?

It’s not yours. I opened Xcode and choose Archive in the Product menu and use framework from this place - I uploaded it with success.