Query join against two different databases

(Joel Zimmer) #1

Is it possible to use one query to join against 2 different tables that are in 2 different databases? For example: one table would be in MSSQL and the other table would be in Oracle.

(antonk) #3


No, unfortunately cross-connection JOIN’s are not supported.

However it is possible to create a cross-connection UNION schema table.


(Theo) #4

You can add a linked server in SQL Server to the Oracle database and define a view for the Oracle table.

(marc hoffman) #5


Wondering, given we can do the union if defined in Schema, could/should we loom at supporting this via a client-side DA SQL feature in a future update (especially since we added regular union support, now)?

(Joel Zimmer) #6

If it is possible to do I would vote for adding the query join against two different databases. It would be very sweet to be able to do this from DA.