Question about TRODLBaseService

I am reading an trying to understand TRODLBaseService source to adapt for a customized use case: I am somewhat confused - what is the “Default” property intended for? And why TRODLBaseService.Items can have multiple TRODLServiceInterface?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. @EvgenyK

  TRODLBaseService = class(TRODLComplexEntity, IRODLEntityWithAncestor)
    property Items[Index: integer]: TRODLServiceInterface read GetItems; default;
    property Default: TRODLServiceInterface read GetDefault;


format of RODL was created is about 18 years ago and some properties aren’t used anymore.
you can ignore items property - it was kept for backward compatibility.
nowadays only Default property is used by codegen and in Code-First

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