Question to understand the domain/schema correct

I have the following intention:
Working with mySQL as underlaying DB-Provider, I have the following solution yet:
I have a database, where the login/password is handled. Each User has it’s unique database. But all database schemas are identically.
My software works the way, that after a successful login, I get back the database name. And so I can achieve, that a user always is only allowed to use it’s related data.
(I hope this is clear so far)
When I use relativity server now, is it also possible to work with a single schema, where I can change the database name (via connection string for example).
Or do I have to create a new schema for every user and must update all the schema related changes to each schema?

THX for clarification.


I am afraid that this is not the scenario that can be handled by Relativity Server

Schema approach won’t work. When a user logs in then he logs into Domain and has access to all Schemas in this Domain. Not the scenario you need.

This depends on how many users do you actually have. If it is like up to 5 it would be easier to clone Domain for each user and let each user to work with his own Domain.

If there is more than 5 users then the best approach would be to create a custom Data Abstract server app.

THX a lot for clarification. I will look at the Data Abstract server app, how I can achieve this (there are definitely more than 5 users)

What platform (.NET or Delphi) and language do you plan to use for the server app project?

.Net is my preferred platform.

So, to start with, please consider to run this tutorial:
This is a Remoting SDK tutorial so it will help you to get more used to sessions, services etc.

Then run the New Project Wizard in Visual Studio.
Create a new solution using one of the Data Abstract project templates. A wizard will be run that will help you to create a new project. Select Client + Server project type on the 1st step and run the wizard to the end. You will get a server app project and a simple client app.

That will be the starting point for further customizations.