Queue<T>, can we set the capacity with constructor?

Currentl RTL Queue is dynamic growing, with initial capacity to 4.

Could we have a new constructor that allows user to specific a larger initial capacity at the very beginning? For example, I may want a queue with initial capacity of 1000, if I know the maximum number of items to be enqueued will never exceed 1000. This way, the multiple calls to Grow are saved, while the Queue can be effectively used as a nice circular buffer.

I know I can change the RTL source myself, but it would be good to have this new featue with the standard RTL

Queue<T> = public class(IEnumerable<T>)
    fItems: array of T;
    fTail: Integer := 0;
    fHead: Integer := 0;
    fCount: Integer := 0;
    method Grow(aCapacity: Integer);
    method IsEmpty: Boolean; inline;
    method CalcCapacity(aNewCapacity: Integer): Integer;
    method Init;
    method GetNonGenericEnumerator: IEnumerator; implements IEnumerable.GetEnumerator;
    method IsEqual(Item1: T; Item2: T): Boolean;

    method GetEnumerator: IEnumerator<T>;
    method Contains(aItem: T): Boolean;
    method Clear;

    method Peek: T;
    method Enqueue(aItem: T);
    method Dequeue: T;
    method ToArray: array of T;

    property Count: Integer read fCount;

Thanks, logged as bugs://82910