"Recursion in inheritance tree" build error

I’ve suddenly started getting a false “Recursion in inheritance tree” build error as of the last couple versions. I stripped my project down to the bare minimum that still generates the error as a sample project. It’s bizarrely touchy. If I remove completely unrelated lines the error goes away. Even if I rearrange the order of some of the unrelated lines, the error goes away. To save space in the sample project I tried removing resources (png, xml, etc) and that made the error go away too :thinking:

@mh I’ll dm you the project as it stands

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Will have s look in the am, thanx!

Thanks, logged as bugs://84324

This was a very interesting issue. It turns out that some of the Jar files referenced use a new constant pool entry I never encountered before, which triggered an internal exception, in any case, it’s fixed now.

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bugs://84324 got closed with status fixed.

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