Recursive Wild Card File Search in Elements Project

Is there a recursive sub directory wild card search for compile sources in elements? For example, I currently get away with searching for any swift files in a folder by adding a directory search path with \*.swift in my project’s Elements config.

But when I try adding a recursive sub directory regex pattern (\**\*.swift) that works with .gitignore, Fire / Water and ebuild throw an error. Is this supported?

i’m afraid right now we only support *, *.*, *.ext and **, the last one will recursively grab all files from a subfolder, with no option to filter by extension.

I’ll log a feature request to see if we can add files by extension, recursively.

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Logged as bugs://E26008.

in vNext, “**.ext” will work to include all files of that type, recursively. It can of course be combined with a path, e.g. “subfolder\**.swift”.


bugs://E26008 was closed as fixed.