References for .net standard library

If I create a .net standard class library I get echoes added as a reference. If I delete the echoes reference and want to add it again, I cant. In the References dialog “system references” is grayed out and other references is empty. Shouldn’t Echoes appear in other references ?


What’s the version of your .NET Standard library. iirc Echoes.dll is only supported for .NETStandard2.0 and higher, and the Add References dialog will reflect that.

That’s as designed, there’s no System references for .NET Standard or .NET Core.

The target framework just .NetStandard and its pulled in ".netstandard.library.2.0.3. Even if I select a specific version like 2.1 it still lists nothing

Reproduced. It seems to be an IDE issue only though, the build resolves the .dlls file. Investigating whats happening now; that while part of the IDE probably needs a refactor since it predates .NET Core/Standard and, indeed, even EBuild…

Yep, this will need a major rethink; not in the cards for this week, I’m afraid. But thanx for letting me know; I’ll log an issue.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83646

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