Refererences and Library Question

I’m back after a long hiatus and am falling at the first hurdle getting a simple project up and running. I know I’ve configured this all before in the past but I’m stuck.

I have a fresh installation of Fire on macOS.

I’ve created a macOS console app project (Island) like so:

I’ve also created a Multi-Target library (in this example called Library) to contain code that I eventually want to be able to call from other projects. I want it to use Elements RTL:

I’m having two issues:

  1. Code completion for ElementsRTL (anything really) isn’t working when inside the Class1.cs file in the Library project. Instead I get this popup:

  1. This might well be my rusty memory with C# but the code within the console app (e.g. Program.cs) can’t find the reference for Library and can’t see Class1 in Library:

Finally, I’m not sure if it’s relevant but there are warnings in the sidebar for the Library project for it’s two references:

Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong here?

In one you need to select the target first ie Echoes.Full because it can impact code completion.

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This is normal. You need to pick one project/target to “work in”. you can do this from this dropdown, or by right-clicking a file (or the entire project) and choose “work in…”. This is because CC will depend on the platform, even when using Elements RTL.

Have you added the libfrary as reference to thew ConsoleApplication project? (I cant tell from the screenshot, because the References node is collapsed. Just drag the Library project onto the References node to add a reference. Also make sure your Library was built at least once.

Hard to to say without more to go by. if you click the References node, you will see a log for the resolve that might show errors. also, selecting the reference itself will show the error in the main view.

Thanks, I’ve got it all working now although I’m still seeing warnings in the references node for the library:

Anything in the log? else i’d have to see the project to say more.

Here’s the zipped project. It’s essentially empty, not sure if it’ll help you debug my system. The only change I made to the project is to right click on the Library multi-platform shared library and selected Work In > Island.Darwin.macOS (1.4 MB)

Thanx, I’ll have a look later when I’m back next the computer. I assume for now this is purely cosmetic, and the project builds okay for you, right?

Correct, no rush. It builds fine.

Reproduced. "Reference could not be resolved (for some or all targets).'. Curious, because it clearly is, so this is definitely just a display issue inside Fire/Water. But I’ll have a look tomorrow top se east causing this, and get it fixed.

Logged as bugs://E26510.

I downloaded Garry’s ‘ConsoleApplication’ project. And curiously I was not able to reproduce the error. The references to the target libraries appear to have resolved on my MBP laptop.

Curious. It shows for me even with a new Multi-target project from template… I’ll investigate tomorrow, as that code is too much of a haystack for a Sunday :wink:

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The reason it works on my machine :rofl: