Remobjects Beta App in Apple App Store Ios

There was a new Version today,
should these show us new Betas? If no you should change the name :wink:
just a little kidding but I was wonder (new version)

it’s. it updated to support the new channel system yet, sorry. only 24 hours in the day and all that. is on my list, somewhere… :frowning:

Is this the repo and is it up to date ?

if by up to date you mean, if it has the latest state of the app, yeah. it’s severely out of date :wink:

I almost got it building.

The storyboard was for a ios 7 and I needed to fix a couple of sugar references to use rtl2

It appears to be missing of the the jpg and png in the resources folder.

It looks like an issue with the @ ?

48 PM

Curious. Maybe an encoding issue. I’ll have a look tomorrow.

37 PM

Actually the files are there. I re-added them and they moved under the appropriate location. For example new.png has as nodes new@2x.png and new@3x.png

Very curious. How did the .elements file change from before to after, when you diff it?

<AppResource Include="Resources\New%402x.png"/>


<AppResource Include="Resources\New@2x.png" />

yeah. turns out the project file was actually bad.