RemObjects c# sample projects do not Run

Hi Everybody ,

I want to convert my window WFP application to mac application. For this, I have download RemObjects for C# sample project and tried to run using visual studio 2019 .but it gave following error
“ElementsSamples-master\Hydrogene\All\Calculator\Calculator.WPF\Properties\Resources.Designer.cs’ does not exist.”

I tried to fix it but could not find the solution online. If anyone have any solution kindly share with me so that I could fix it and run sample project

Curious. I will have a look. for now, can you see if the file is listed (0as missing, probably) in the Properties folded rof the project, and if so, just remove it? These files get generated automatically during build now, but I expect that somehow this sample’s project file was not updated correctly to reflect this (I will of course fix that).

my apologies for the inconvenience.

That was the issue indeed, and fixed for vNext. Thanx for letting us know!

For this I recommend checking out the SharedUI sample too. (has the same problem, too :wink:

Can you pleas share the missing file/s so that I could continue my work in the meantime

They are not missing, they are unnecessary. Simply remove them from the project.