RemObjects DataAbstract for Cocoa install into modern xcode on modern mac os x?

According to the docs, the .dmg installers should be installers, but there is no installer anymore, instead at least for the last version I own, which is 9.0.97, Data Abstract for cocoa, the dmg opens up with just the app binaries and some folders inside the dmg, which you can drag onto your hard disk.

I think that means this page is out of date:

I suspect that the next step would be to open the frameworks and rebuild them with the latest XCode you are targeting, and to set up the frameworks so that they can be found from your other projects, or from one of the demo projects. I apologize because that’s a basic XCode task that someone familiar with XCode and its frameworks and its library path systems might find trivial, but the installer used to take care of that, back when Mac OS X frameworks like this product used to install in the the /Developer folder of your mac os disk.

It’s been a few years and a few mac OS x versions and what I’ve observed is that apple moved all that crap out of the root of the disk and there must be a new standard and new best practices.

What is the quickest way to get past this error when building an existing iOS app on XCode 11 or 12:

If these fail with errors like “not found” then the library paths need to be configured for XCode before an import like this can succeed:

#import <DataAbstract/DataAbstract.h>

/Users/xxxxx/mycontroller.h:19:9: ‘DataAbstract/DataAbstract.h’ file not found

Reading other posts here it seems XCode 12 now requires a new framework format?

And it seems that XCode 11+ requires ARC ready Objective C and that RO 9 was not ARC ready. I do not even remember if my own app is arc ready, so this is gonna be a fun upgrade.

With Xcode 12.5 and DataAbstract 10, all we have had to do is choose the RemObjects.xcframework and DataAbstract.xcframework from the Add Other choice on the Frameworks,Libraries, and Embedded Content on the General tab of the project. We have not had to add any paths like the old days.

We did run into a problem today that I am about to post a question about. When creating an Archive, we now get any error.

I just grabbed the RemObjects Data Abstract installer dmg for COcoa

RemObjects Data Abstract for Cocoa -


That looks like the main thing to add to an iOS app.

We don’t offer “IDE integration” for Xcode as such, as it’s too much of a moving target and officially unsupported by Apple (we only ever did have template integration, really, in the past).

But using DA should be a matter of just adding a referencing the .xcframework to your project in the Linked Frameworks section (and maybe adding Framework Search Path, in case Xcode still doesn’t add that automatically when you do the former…

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That worked there are hints and lexical warnings in the latest XCode/Clang is what I mean by “XCode”.

I can now confirm that with minimal changes, bringing both the XCode 6 era DataAbstract 7 client up to XCode 14 and DA10, and the respective Windows server from DA7 to DA10, also updating it from Delphi XE3 to Delphi 10.3 (with no reason it can’t go up to delphi 11) was SIMPLE and easy, and that the documentation and support from RemObjects is FIRST RATE. ’

Well done, folks

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I am very happy to hear that! :pray:t3: