RemObjects Delphi alternatives

I have a Windows (VCL only) Delphi application. Currently compiles to 32 and 64 bit. No 3rd party components. I want to get off Delphi if possible and am interested in what RemObjects options I have to move to.

I tried the Hydra trial but it looks like it needs Delphi to work? I really want to be able to dump Delphi all together and never pay another maintenance/upgrade fee to them again.

What options do I have? My dream solution is to open my existing code in whichever RemObjects IDE supports it and then be able to compile it. Conversion to Oxygene would be nice to.

Also a question on pricing. The buy now links show a price with 1 year free updates. What happens after that year? How much are the yearly fees after that?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hydra is meant for mixing Delphi and other platforms (.NET, Java and Elements/Island). If you want to full replace Delphi, what you want to look at is Oxygene, which is part of the larger Elements compiler tool chain. With Elements, you can build apps for a rage of platforms (including all those covered my Delphi: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux), using an Object Pascal dialect thats similar/superior to Delphi (see, and each platform’s native APIs.

This will not be a straight copy/paste, ie you cannot just rebuild your existing Delphi app in Oxygene, but you can use your existing expertise in Pascal for new projects.

Recommended reading on our docs site:

You can of corse combine that with Hydra, in the short term, to keep mixing in some Delphi code.

You need to renew after the year is over, to keep actively using the product; you will remain able to command-line compile your existing projects even if you do not renew, and of course you’re existing compiled binaries will work indefinitely, as well. Renewal is $499 for Oxygene and $699 for Elements (all five languages, including Oxygene).