RemObjects Hydra - cannot compile Island Example

(Carsten Bartholomae) #22

When Updating, in my case the VCLHost Project:

produces the following ErrorMessage when running the Host:

(marc hoffman) #23

you can’t load the .fx, that’s just metadata for the compiler. you need to load the .dll.

(Carsten Bartholomae) #24

Loading the DLL resuklts in:

(marc hoffman) #25

Hmm, then the .dll is either malformed or (possibly, not sure if that would give a different, more concrete error message) the wrong architecture.

(Carsten Bartholomae) #26

I would prefer, that you could provide me with an example project, which works on your side, so i can run on my machine

(marc hoffman) #27

I’ll ask Eugene to prepare one for you. Is this .dll you’re loading the Island sample we ship, or a project you created yourself?

(Carsten Bartholomae) #28

It is the Island example you have shipped

(marc hoffman) #29

ok, that that should be the " example project, which works on your side" you’re asking for. What we need ti figure out is why it thinks your .dll is bad. Have you double-checked its the proper architecture matching your Delphi host?

(Carsten Bartholomae) #30

i did not a complete repro, with removing Hydra and reinstalling Hydra.
I send the results via e-mail, since i cannot atttach the word document

(Carsten Bartholomae) #31

I mean, i did a complete repro.
The results have been send to

(Carsten Bartholomae) #32

Any Updates ?

(EvgenyK) #33


we have detected an issue in Island plugin itself. it was logged as #80940

(Carsten Bartholomae) #34

is this already fixed in current Hydra Beta xx93 ?

(EvgenyK) #35

not yet. in this build was added java support into delphi host