RemObjects Indy packages still depend on designide?


I have been trying to find why my app (C++Builder, 32bits, classic compiler) depends on the DesignIde BPL and apparently the culprit is (to begin with, maybe others?) the RemObjects_Indy package.

I saw several messages here in the forum about this, dating back several years, and there are some $DEFINEs to setup… but they talk about 64bit apps and so on. I am not sure then if it applies to this case? I see the RemObjects_NO_DEMANDLOAD_FIX define guarding the designide require in the package source, but the comment on about that define says “use design ide packages only for Win32”… which is my case, so I don’t know if I should define that and it would break something.



You can put {$DEFINE RemObjects_NO_DEMANDLOAD_FIX} to and rebuild all packages with C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\install_RO.cmd (or install_DA.cmd).

Note: You may need to launch this .cmd with admin rights