Remobjects .Net Data Abstract compatibility with .Net Devexpress & FastReports

I have been put in charge of converting a large Delphi project made with an older Remoting SDK, Devexpress & Fast Reports component stack (along with several others but I don’t think they interface with the database or middleware directly). After an initial investigation it appear this older version 6 of Delphi Remoting SDK allowed ADTable connections to the underlying database (Postgres) via an RODataSnapConnection. After looking at the current RemObjects product lineup it looks Remoting SDK doesn’t create native database connections like this anymore and that functionality has moved to Data Abstract (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Since it looks like I need to use Data Abstract what is it’s compatibility with .Net components like Devexpress Grid & Fast Reports .Net? I would like to keep the same component stack in place as much as possible to smooth the transition process & minimize user interface changes. Any feedback or migration tips would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’d assume you are talking about TRODataSnapConnection ? There is no such thing in .NET because there is no classes or infrastructure that would use it.

Data Abstract for .NET loads data into platform-native DataSet / DataTable classes or provides data access interface via IQueryable interface. AFAIK both these data sources are supported by DevEx Grid and FR.NET


Hi there,

If you have a Delphi Server, then yes, you will have to make the underlying query available via a schema, then you will be able to load it up into a TDAMemDataTable or ROSDK dataset equivalent in .net.

You will be loosing the fetching and load threading capabilities of the devexpress grid cause it is not a direct connection, but you can probably cover some of those with DAs own techniques.

Thanks for the replies, that does give me some starting points - much appreciated!