Not sure if this is linked to the interop issue and fix in , but I’m now getting an error when trying to “Add Reference”


This happens even when trying to add reference in a clean / new Winforms Oxygene project - as per the above screenshot. It doesn’t happen in a standard Microsoft C# project.

As per the error, it does seem related to mscorlib which gets included as standard in Oxygene projects but C# ones see to not allow it as it is referenced in the build system directly ?

My mscorlib is :-

C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.5.2\mscorlib.dll

Ist mir letzte Woche auch passiert. Mit .NETFramework 4.8.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83597

To be clear, this happens adding any reference, or imply specific ones? What version of VS?


Any reference Marc :-

1). Right click on references
2). Click Add Reference
3). Error as per screenshot.

… and I’m using VS 2017 community

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Same thing also on VS 2019, since .2458

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FTR, be careful with 2458 firehose builds from Thursday or later, there’s some major compiler subtle breakage.

Ok, thank you for the information!
I’ll be careful and keep the eyes open. Thanx.

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bugs://83597 got closed with status fixed.