Remobjects RTL in XCode projects , can I and how to use properly?

I made in Fire static IOS library which I added to XCode project.
Which static library should I add to XCode project (I added libToffee, libElements) and my static library.
In my static library I used

Remobjects.Elements.RTL.Convert.ToBase64String(vNagl.ToByteArray,0,vNagl.length )

and here I have some strange behavior
Calling this line crashes my APP , when I changed it to native code NSData and NSString used to made BASE64 all works fine …

Important information is that when i use this library in Oxygene Fire project code is working fine with RTL.Convert.

Did I miss something?

Best regards

make sure you have -ObjC set in the linker flags in Xcode. For some reason, that is not the default for Xcode (anymore?), and Objective-C categories/extension methods seem to break, when this is not set.

Elements passes this flag by default when linking your executable.

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