RemObjects.SDK.dll or RemObjects.SDK.Server.dll (or other?) get corrupted (probably after power outage)

We’ve had an issue several times now with our remobjects .net windows service applications

At a certain point our application won’t start anymore (windows event entry error 1053 + BadImageFormatException.
When examining the file system we see that RemObjects.SDK.dll is still there with the correct size but each byte is zero.

It looks like this occurs when the machine gets shutdown incorrectly (power outage)

Has this been reported yet?
We’ve had the issue ~20 times (20 different machines) with 3 different remobjects dlls but never with another dll
Any idea what caused it?

Do you have special properties for these dlls? Are they mapped in memory readwrite instead of readonly?


You are the first person who reported about it.

if you just copied (or installed) these dll, they could be in windows file cache and isn’t written to disk yet. this is cache option in disk properties.

Can you give more details, like

  • who installed RemObjects.SDK.dll - our installer or your own? was it developer’s pc or end-user’s pc?
  • has Windows been turned off correctly after installing .dll or not?

afaik, we don’t use special processing of these dll.

I believe you are right. I think the newly copied remobjects dlls that we write to disk are actually still in a windows cache and were not persisted to disk yet.

  1. We are using our own installer. Files are copied and executed in one C# .NET application
  2. It occurs on end user PCs
  3. No, it occurs when windows could not be shutdown correctly.

Thanks, I’ll investigate forcing a disk persist in windows (after a FileInfo.CopyTo)