REMObjects SDK in Blazor WebAssembly


Is there any update on using the Remobjects SDK inside a blazor webassembly app? If not, we are going to try to do this ourself.
Any tips on how we can do this?

Thanks in advance!

There’s been no work been made so far on supporting Remoting SDK (or DA) clients on Blazor, as this would be quite a significant effort, and — tbh — we have not seen the demand to justify it, so far.

At this stage, we’re more likely to look at an improved/revised version of RO/JavaScript to be made usable from (Elements) WebAssembly, or an Island/native RO Client for WebAssembly (and the other platforms), to be honest, then doing Blazor client support. (See How to access to Remoting SDK Server from .Net code in Blazor WebAssembly for infos on Server side use of RO )

I’ll share some details from an internal discussion on the topic from a year or so back: