RemObjects SDK in React Native


I’m struggling with implementing login via Remoting SDK in React Native, I’ve made it work on web with script src but I don’t know how to call these remObject SDK inside React native app.

Could you let me know how could I use the JS library inside React Native project ?



Which exactly issues do you have?

We have services that authenticate via RemObjects.SDK and in order to call the Authentication function that returns the auth token I need to insert RemObjectsSDK.js scripts.
I’m not aware of any way how could I insert these SDK scripts and work with them in my React Native files.

Than create the objects that depend on RemObjectsSDK and call the login function


My goal is to use implementation that works for web in Javascript for our React Native app.

Thanks appreciate all the help :).

It would be better to ask question about using external scripts on the React.js forums.

Or you could enable HttpAPI ( ) on your server and to use something like Axios to access data.