Remobjects Slow Loading for Deliphi 10.2

Recently, it is taking a minute or two to for Delphi to load Remobjects.Everwood.RadStudio.XE11.dll. Disabled AV checking for that directory and it made no difference. Any idea where to look for a solution?


just retested Delphi 10.2.3. it starts for ~25 sec.
second start takes ~8 sec
Note: I have only std packages and our ones (EW/RO/DA/HY).

It takes a minute for your assembly to load (did it twice back to back). I am thinking it is some issue with
my workstation and that your assembly is the “culprit” because it is the first to load. Is there an easy way
to change the loading order?


I think, it is impossible to change order because only one assembly is present here:

You can try to perform defragmentation on disk where delphi is located. it may improve situation.