RemObjects SQL execution is not supported yet! Help

(GotoCampus) #1

I have a delphi DA server and I want to connect to a DA SQL ASP client and I get this error

RemObjects SQL execution is not supported yet!


(marc hoffman) #2

DA SQL is only supported on .NET Servers a s Relativity Server. It should be usable from Delphi clients, though.

(GotoCampus) #3

Another alternative to do what you i want?

(marc hoffman) #4

you can use Dynamic Where and Dynamic Select to limit your queries. Eugene will be able to help you with a more concrete example, tomorrow.

(EvgenyK) #5


you can use SQLGetData method of DAService.

I have attached outdated sample from DA6: Dynamic (41.7 KB)
it should show this functionality but will require some changes for compatibility with DA9 like replacing Utf8String with ROUtf8String, etc

(marc hoffman) #6

this does sql passthrough though and. glasses da security, right?

(EvgenyK) #7

it sends plain SQL as is

(marc hoffman) #8

Exactly, so that’s not really a solution. it’s a hack from the olden days before we had DA SQL and Dynamic Where/Select, and is unsafe. It should not be enabled.

(EvgenyK) #9

DA SQL isn’t supported by DAD servers

(marc hoffman) #10

Right. That’s what I said in my initial reply.

(GotoCampus) #11

Thank you very much everyone for your prompt response