Remobjects WIKI -- Remobjects SDK section not available

(Olaf) #1


I cannot access any information related to “Remobjects SDK” in the Wiki. The start page “” does not mention RO SDK, and links to the section (e.g. “”) are broken.

Is this intentional?


(marc hoffman) #2

We’re in the process for restructuring docs, with RO and DA docs now going onto Until the migration (which won’t be 100%, as we’ll clean up and restructure in the process) is complete, you can access the old wiki at, if needed.

I apologize for the trouble.

(estebanp) #3


Just for the heads up, on the main page of the new Data Abstract documentation site, an incorrect link to the old documentation is provided, the current link simply resolves to the same new doc site.

It will be good to update the page to reflect the URL Marc provides on this post.

Thank you!