RemoteDataAdapter not present in .NET Standard?

I set up a sample project using the Data Abstract with strongly typed data sets template for .NET and set up a couple of tables, the log in service, and the DataModule.

Once this was tested I created a new Xamarin project and tried to add the .NET Standard references and the DataModule from the template (.NET) project. When I attempt to build the project Visual Studio 2019 tells me that RemObjects.DataAbstract.RemoteDataAdapter doesn’t exist.

Am I missing a reference?

I believe .NET Standard is limited to LINQ and doesn’t support DataSets? not sure… @antonk will have the definitive answer.


For historical reasons API coverage is slightly different between .NET FX and .NET Standard builds. Actually initial porting has been done in the times of .NET Std 1.6 where DataTable infrastructure was not present.
Support of Remote Data Adapter (for .NET Std and .NEET Core) and Local Data Adapter (for .NET Core) if a part of out API unification project. For your convenience I’ll move tasks to support these adapters to a separate tasks and will boost priority of these tasks.

Please drop a mail to support@ with your account name so we’ll be able to upload you updated build as soon as it will become available

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Thanks, logged as bugs://83120

Thanks, logged as bugs://83121


In the mean time I’ll ask another developer who is familiar with LINQ to give me an assist with this sample / test.

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FWIW, DA LINQ is awesome, and imho the way to go for data access on .NET, over DataSets, But depends on your exact requirements of course.

bugs://83121 got closed with status nochangereq.

bugs://83120 got closed with status fixed.