RemotePackageReference in an ios app


I created an iOS app using the TableView Application Template and I added this

<RemoteProjectReference Include="*">

If I build for iOS Device then it builds fine but if I try and build for the simulator I get these 2 errors.

Could not resolve reference ‘PureLayout’ for target ‘Toffee-iOS’ (Simulator).

Cache does not contain resolved reference ‘PureLayout’ for target ‘Toffee-iOS’ (Simulator).


Curious. I’ll check. does this only happen if you had built for Device first (I could imagine it somehow skips the rebuild of the reference after switching destination)? Does an explicit rebuild work?

in any case, I’ll have a look in a bit and fix, thanx!

Thanks, logged as bugs://83256

It seems to happen all the time. A clean and rebuild doesnt work.

Reproduced, and yeah, this bug makes sense… Fire passes the build destination per project, not globally (because in theory you could have one project in your solution set to device, and the other to Simulator). and ofc the remote reference is not a project tracked by Fire, so it doesn’t get a build destination passed, using the default.

I’ll have to figure out how to best fix this…

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bugs://83256 got closed with status fixed.

For todays build ?

“Today’s build” will probably be Monday, but the next build on the firehose will have it, yes, if we do get one today.

I tried the latest and it works. Thanks.

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