Remoting SDK supporting Delphi 12.1?

Hi, after updating to Delphi 12.1 i face several problems with Remoting SDK. Is the Delphi 12.1 fully supported at the time being?

ex1. When trying to start a new Remoting SDK project File → New → Other → Remoting SDK project I get and IDE error:
[71DD8EE0]{coreide290.bpl} GalleryListFrame.TCustomGalleryListFrame.Sort.DefaultSort$ActRec.$0$Body (Line 552, “GalleryListFrame.pas” + 3) + $5

clicking OK on error and it is possible to continue…but

  1. When selecting and CodeFirst project and compiling server the _Intf file is never generated
  2. When selecting RODL file option I get an error "unexpected RODL format

Compiling the samples seems to be OK but generating new projects doesn’t work very well.

Running Delphi 12 Version 29.0.51961.7529 and Version of Remoting SDK

Note! All worked well with Delphi 11 Alexandria


I can’t reproduce any issues with Delphi 12.1 and Remoting SDK

Tested with

What version of Remoting SDK are you using - full or trial?
Have you installed Delphi 12.1 Patch 1 ?

as expected. CodeFirst servers don’t generate/use _Intf.

Do you have installed older version of Remoting SDK on your pc?

Yes, I use latest versions of RO/DA/HY in Delphi 12.1 Patch 1 without problems

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Hi All,
i decided to do a clean install of both windows and Delphi … and now everything seems to work as expected. Thank you all for the support and comments.