RemotingSdk .NET Core 3.1 support and CI

Good morning,

we are moving our development stack from .NET Framework to .NET Core.

We are a little bit confused about the RemotingSdk support for .NET Core and we have some questions:

  • Is RemotingSdk built over .NET Standard and is it usable with no problem also with .NET Core?
  • Our .NET Core apps/services run on Linux docker container, is it a problem for Remoting Sdk?
  • We also have a CI (continuous integration) internal process to build, test and deploy the apps. Other suppliers libraries will offer support to Nuget packages that are very useful when using CI. Does RemotingSdk can be retrieved using Nuget RemObjects server?



There are builds targeted for .NET Standard and .NET Core.

It is recommended to use .NET Core-targeted builds for .NET Core server apps. Otherwise (due to .NET Std limitations) there will be no support for server-sent events in code-first server apps.

No, as long as the network interfaces are configured properly (ie ports used by the app are exposed by the Docker container)

However there is one exception (not specific for Remoting SDK):

Sometimes dotnet build/dotnet publish command is used to build apps during the Docker container build process (like here: Dockerize an ASP.NET Core application | Docker Documentation).

According to .NET Core MSBuild is missing the LC task · Issue #1462 · dotnet/winforms · GitHub there might be issues compiling licenses.licx file

Unfortunately NuGet packages support is still under development.