Renaming for Nougat -> Toffee

@mh: Man, sorry for Google making such an incredible steal… :slight_smile:

Naa. We literally could not be more happy about Google choosing Nougat as the name for Android N. :wink:

Unfortunately this is causing me bit of a headache.

Having opened a project in the new beta to see if a bug affecting that project was fixed in this build (unfortunately it isn’t) I cannot then build that project in the older build where the bug did not occur. (Or at least not until I manually replace the toffee with nougat in the project elements file).

Yes, I know I should have used my repro project to test this rather than my real project (but I then still have to fix that repro project if re-building to re-test in older builds as well).

I hope there was a better reason for this change than just the Android name choice. What happens if the big-G choose Toffee for Android T ? Will we have to go through this again ? It might have been safer to go with “Fudge”, or some other confection from the half of the alphabet already committed in this respect. :slight_smile:

By God, I hope so :wink: