Reopened: Can not create a new ASP.Net Webservice

Version 2399, VS2017
When I create a new ASP.Net Webservice, I get:

And when I look, it created an empty project folder.

Looks like it should be v15 instead of v16:

Thanks, logged as bugs://82502

Let’s close the issue - I reinstalled 2399 - and now I do not have this issue.
There was something wrong with the installation, as I can now also create a new webservice without the v16 folder. Somehow, the software thought I had VS2019 instead on VS2017

bugs://82502 got closed with status cannotrepro.

I want to reopen the bug.

Today I loaded the project and I saw that the webservice was marked as Unavailable.
When I tried to reload it, I got:

bugs://82502 got reopened.

bugs://82502 got closed with status fixed.

Fix confirmed.

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Cool, thanx!