Request: better CC

(Theo) #1

In Oxygene, when you type the code, the CC shows the first in the list that starts with the characters that you typed.

In Microsoft C# and VB, the CC filters on the characters you typed.

Example Oxygene:

Example in VB:

In the Microsoft solution, the list is getting shorter at each character you type, and in the list all that contains (instead of starts with) what you type is displayed.
This is very handy when you are searching for a type, by example a xxxxxxxxTypeReference.

(Theo) #2

Another example.

In Oxygene:
I do not get the CC of GCAttribute back after I type the comma.

In VB:

A video that shows the difference:

Water issue: Intellisense takes (a bit) too long to show up
(SH) #3

Hi Theo,

unfortunately, I cant see your Video…

(SH) #4

Is this the disk-Queue?

hmm the average seems to be ok, 0.744

(SH) #6

Sry, the average is actually 0,00xxxx

it was tmp 0.7 and more because of Windows updates + Defender scanning…

(Theo) #7

Try Firefox