Request for Improved Script Support in Relativity Server


I have been a loyal user of RemObjects products for over a decade, and I am currently utilizing the Relativity Server extensively in my projects. I am writing to request some improvements in the script support provided by the Relativity Server, as scripts are essential for implementing my business rules.

One suggestion I have is to create methods that can be reused in other scripts, allowing for more modular and efficient development. It would also be beneficial if we could call scripts directly from the client without having to create a “fake SQL” statement just to use the beforeExecute methods and write scripts within them.

Additionally, it would be extremely helpful if we could execute native SQL within the scripts. Given that the business rules are already on the server, security should not be an issue in this context.

I believe these improvements would greatly enhance the functionality and usability of the Relativity Server for many developers, myself included. I am confident that, with your expertise and dedication, you will continue to make RemObjects an even more valuable tool for our projects.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Logged as bugs://D19344.