Right click menu for remote references

In the same way that you can open the output folder in terminal using the right click menu, would it be possible to right click on a remote reference and open terminal in the folder that Fire is using to store the code ?

/Users/JohnMoshakis/Library/Application Support/RemObjects Software/EBuild/Packages/EBuild/github.com.mosh.ImportSolution


Thanks, logged as bugs://85276

Good idea. note that the Reference View already has some options to open the local package cache folder for the package. I’ll see what else/better I can do.

Thinking about this more, the only place I have “open in terminal” is for the exe output (which is commonly useful, if you wanna, say, run the app manually). if I add it here, I would have to add it everywhere for every file, for consistency, and im not sure I see much point?

there’s already “Reveal in Finder:” for this, as for all files, and from Finder, you can easily open the terminal as a second step via Services|New terminal Window.

Since needing a Terminal window for these is not more common than for other files (id say less so), I’d rather call this “good enough” then pollute every file’s context menu w/ an extra item for this?

bugs://85276 got closed with status wontfix.

What about an extra button in the reference view ?

Same logic applies there, really. I’d have to add int everywhere, for consistency. I’ll think about it.