RO IDE packages fails to install manually

Delphi 10.3

RO stable version

Installing by hand this package



Errors for ‘RemObjects_IDE_D26’

[dcc32 Error] E1026 File not found: ‘uRORFC1760.RES’

but the file is in the path.

How to fix?


check that your RemObjects_IDE_D26.dpk is valid.
Delphi “likes” to remove conditional when .dpk is edited.

{$IFDEF RemObjects_UseEncryption}
  uRODECReg in '..\RODEC\uRODECReg.pas',
  uROEncKeyPropEditor in '..\RODEC\uROEncKeyPropEditor.pas' {CryptoKeyGenForm},
  uROPleaseWaitForm in 'uROPleaseWaitForm.pas' {PleaseWaitForm},

if you don’t use legacy encryption, you can remove those units from .dpk at all