RO: Java. No Read Timeout on HttpClientChannel

The HttpClientChannel in Java appears to set the ConnectTimeout but not the ReadTimeout on the HttpURLConnection. Could you add this in please.
I have customers complaining that their android devices are ‘hanging’ due to this error. Could you please tell me if it is possible to recompile the java library using the command line oxygene compiler or do I need the paid for version of Oxygene to do this?


Thanks, logged as bugs://67928: RO: Java. No Read Timeout on HttpClientChannel

sorry for delay. Yes you can command line oxygene compiler for this.

Sorry to bump an old topic but this is not fixed in RO The Http client channel has no read timeout set, so on android mobile devices on 4G networks we get devices waiting forever for data which will never come.

I’ve added a pic of my changes for HTTPClientChannel. The TCPClient* units don’t appear to set any timeouts at all (connect or read). Could that be fixed as well please?


One other thing with this, the property “TimeOut” should probably be renamed to “ConnectTimeout” as that better describes what it is doing.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll log issues to do this (no defined ETA, but soon™)

Thanks, logged as bugs://82835

Thanks, logged as bugs://82836

bugs://82836 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://82835 got closed with status fixed.

Thanks for doing that. I’ll check it out when the next release comes out.