RO SDK Service Tester is buggy, why not "open-source" it for licensed users?

Even with RO 10, the Service Tester is still somewhat buggy.

Is it possible to make it source code available to licensed users, so we (licensed users) can fix the bugs ourselves?

Or, make its source code available via FireHose, or some limited access to selected users, so we can provide feedback/pull request, and pinpoint issues much faster than relying on RemObject official support? You guys are great, but you are also very busy so we just want to help (ourselves) faster.

Is this an option?



Have you reported the specific bugs? I don’t believe we currently have any major known open issues…

Something we could consider, yes. I’ll bring it up. The main issue will be is that the tool has lots of thitd party dependencies…

I haven’t submitted the bug report yet. At least I caught two today.

It is not fun to write a detailed bug report than de-bugging directly …