RO Server as windows services with GUI


i have RO Server project code using c# and i have add few button and textbox in the mainform for user to configure some parameter. all the while it is working fine the the icon is placing in the windows tray.

recently, due to my customer windows server enable windows auto update, the windows is restarting after update and cause the RO server is not running. It happend few time already and i would like to ‘convert’ the current RO server exe into services to fixed the above problem, but just don’t know how to do it, please help.

  • running program as services will lost the GUI, in my case, is there anyway to keep my GUI and running the RO Server as services ?

No, a Windows service process cannot show GUI. If you want to run your app as a service, and ALSO provide a GUI at the same time, that GUI needs to be in a separate all that runs under the users GUI session, and communicates back with the service to, say, update options.

I don’t know if it works with RODA, but for Delphi in the past I have used this
to make interactive services.


I’m not familiar with that library, but it probably uses the same concept behind the scenes — a separate app that runs in GUI mode and communicates with he actual service in the back.