RO Server hang issue

Since about 1 year we are getting very occasional hanging issues in our production environment

The issue is not reproducable and about 1% of our customers has the issue and then they report it occurs on average once every 3 days (sometimes 3 days in a row, sometimes it runs 14 days without issues, sometimes the issue occurs after 1 or 2 hours uptime)

Now I have the issue for the first time on my development machine.
Is it possible to have a chat and discuss this while we still have the hung process running?
What extra info can be extracted?

Note: Because of this issue I have made additional listening ports with alternate TCP libraries (indy/synapse/core) but it looks like all hang.

The port is open but from a RO client nothing can be done

My apologies for the delay, but my colleague Eugene will need to have to look at this, and he is off today due to a national holiday in his location.

Do I understand correctly, when the RO calls hang, you can still reach the server via a browser, and e.g. see the welcome page and.ore the RODL?

It is an internal (LAN) TCP based RO server.

Ah ok. When you connect to to from Service Builder or rodl2code to import the RODL, does that still respond? that’d be the equivalent of hitting the HTTP(S) one via a browser…

Surprisingly enough this still works
When I import the service via URL tcp://localhost:7777/bin in service builder I see the services.

However each client that is connected or was connected hangs when it makes a call.
They hang indefinately. Maybe there is some kind of deadlock on the worker threads or the thread handling the incoming requests

Ok, that seems to indicate that the TCP server itself still works, and something more deep in the service infrastructure is locked up or stuck. I’m sure Eugene will be able to help more, tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:t3:


can you describe your application, pls?
for example: this is some kind of chat. when clients connect/disconnect/do some activity, server sends notifications to other clients.
it uses indy tcp channel

note: you can drop email to support@ (or write PM to support) with above details for keeping privacy.