RO server over https with port sharing

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We have a project where we deployed four RO server with four different ports. Our client IT decided to close all ports except the HTTPS 443 port. The servers are hosted on an Azure VM, where we have configured a domain (IIS) with digital certificate. The RO servers are deployed in Delphi and the clients are also deployed in Delphi. On the same VM we have a web service running also on HTTPS.

Is there any possibility to use a connection path (URL) without ports? Proxy usage, ARR and URL rewriting/redirecting are forbidden.

The server uses TROHttpIndyServer with binary messages, but we can change it.

Please help us with a workaround to solve this challenge.

Thnak you and best regards.

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you can use TROWinHttpServer.
latest beta contains an improvement for this server, that allows to launch several servers on one port.

another possibility: convert your services to isapi dll and use it under IIS. in this case, URL can be like https://server/path/server_name.dll

we have the MegaDemo sample that contains usual server and isapi dll.

the 3rd possibility: use ROServer.OnCustomResponseEvent event. proxy server will accept requests from all four clients and sends them to correspondent servers, later it will send responses back.
see more at the Using OnCustomResponseEvent in a ROSDK Server post.
also examples of usage can be found in linked threads.

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Thank you for the response, it’s very clear.

Do you have some sample project for TROWinHttpServer?
Where can we dowload the lastest beta?
Now we are using RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi -

Best regards

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it can be used in the same way as TROHttpIndyServer.

some differences: it will require administrative rights because it communicates with HTTP Server API

in beta we have added some properties to it, like isHTTPS and Path so all your servers should have different values in Path property.
URL in this case will be https://server:443/path/bin

beta can be downloaded at