RO using websockets transport

Asking in a new question as I didn’t get a reply after 21 days…
Is there anything new about RO supporting websockets, especially so that events wouldn’t require polling?

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pls read Remobjects via Websockets and in Node.js article.
it contains 3rd party solution.

Yes thank you I have read it. While 3rd party support is not my main wonder, I would have considered giving it a try, but all links are dead.

Anyway, I have not formulated my question correctly, I was looking for official support, but I guess your answer means there’s no official support for it.

I’ve read and been told before it was in the roadmap. Any information on that?


We’re considering WebSocket support, but we currently have non concrete plans or started any work on it, so it’s not something we can promise any timeline for. But it is on the list for future features to look at.

thanx, for understanding,


as I see, these files are put to his github


Thanks Marc, as said in my last private message to you, feel free to let me know if/when you implement it, that’s the kind of thing that would make an upgrade worth in my case.

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