RO using websockets transport

(Toemmsn) #1

Just a question: did anybody think of a Websockets channel for RO?
I was just investigating in that area and I’m not sure wether that type would fit into RO’s architecture.
Any thoughts?


(sergeyl) #2

Hello Thomas,

This technology is worth looking at and is suitable for RO architecture. It has some common features with SuperTCP channel. The only problem is that the standard itself is in draft stage, unstable and they make changes to it actively, even losing the backward compatibility. Probably we consider developing such channel when the standard become more or less stable.

Best regards - Sergey

(Toemmsn) #3


thank you for your answer - that’s what I thought of.


(Joerg Gehlen) #4

Hello Sergey,

any news about a potential Websockets channel for RO, almost three years down the road and with Websockets used in production already.


(rdevine) #5

See here

Cheers, Bob

(Joerg Gehlen) #6

Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for the link, quite interesting. Although I have hoped for a little bit more official commitment by RemObjects in this direction.


(wiseinfo) #7

SDK FOR DELPHI support Webstockets now?

(EvgenyK) #8

no yet, but you can use code from above article

(wiseinfo) #9

SDK FOR DELPHI support Webstockets, what time?

(estebanp) #10

It will definitely be a great addition and a quick replacement for SuperTCP in cases where needed.

(EvgenyK) #11

I’m sorry, but I can’t give any time frame for this.

(wiseinfo) #12

weixin miniprogram need WebSocket Server